Solar Cooking
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Solar cookers can be used with pressure cookers or similar devices to provide the heat for autoclave of medical instruments.


  • July 2013: University graduate students create sun-harvesting nanoparticles - Rice University nanotechnology researchers have unveiled a solar-powered sterilization system that could be a boon for more than 2.5 billion people who lack adequate sanitation. The "solar steam" sterilization system uses nanomaterials to convert as much as 80 percent of the energy in sunlight into germ-killing heat. The researchers hope to work with waste-treatment pioneer, Sanivation, to conduct the first field tests of the solar steam waste sterilizer at three sites in Kenya. Read more...

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  • Naim Janmohamed M.D. is a pediatrician with programs in Kenya, and is a U.N. Rep. for Solar Cookers International. Dr. Janmohamed has used solar cookers and pressure cookers to sterilize medical instruments for health centres miles away from regular supplies of electricity.

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