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August 2021

Kivu baker photo, 8-24-21, Indian Express.jpg
Solar bakery in India finds a market for healthy vegan cookies
GWMP logo, 1-4-21.png
Solar Cookers International has been named as a winner of the Keeling Curve Prize for sustainable planet solutions!
July 2021

SCI logo, 7-8-21.png
Solar Cookers International and Public-Private Alliance Foundation members and advisors discuss how solar cooking can help meet the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
June 2021

UN Decade on Eco Res. photo, 6-29-21 copy.jpg
UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration in African drylands begins, with help from carbon credit incentives for solar cooking programs
Solar Zentrum logo, 6-16-21.jpg
Solar Zentrum provides an online presentation from noted solar cooking advocates
SCI logo, 7-8-21.png
Solar Cookers International helping to provide solar cookers and other integrated cooking appliances to vulnerable groups within Nepal
Big Blue Sun Museum logo, 6-8-21.jpg
Luther Krueger created a video podcast interview series with contemporary solar cooking promoters, inventors, tinkerers and practitioners throughout the U.S. in 2020
Solar Education Project logo, 6-7-21 copy.jpg
The Solar Education Project directs attention to their local Hubbard Public Library, which offers several styles of solar cookers for lending
SCWN facebook image, 6-2-21.png
The Solar Cookers World Network facebook group has reached 6000 members
May 2021

Pyrex bowls.jpg
Dave Oxford of SLiCK explains which type of heat trap works the best
April 2021

Solar oven in use, El Salvador, 4-29-21.png
GEF Small Grants Programme provided integrated cooking technology to El Salvador after Tropical Storm Stan
OPEC Fund Award logo, 4-28-21.png
The OPEC Fund Annual Award for Development (AAD) celebrates outstanding contributions to sustainable development, Nominations by 1 June 2021
GWMP logo, 1-4-21.png
Solar Cookers International has been named as finalist in the Keeling Curve Prize for sustainable planet solutions
Clean Cooking Alliance logo, 4-19-21.png
Participants of the inaugural Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship Program
GoSol entrepreneurship program, 4-19-21.png
Creating Entrepreneurs with Solar Energy -
World Bank clean cooking logo, 4-16-21 copy.jpg
The Hidden Side of Energy Access: Understanding Clean Cooking - a four module e-course
March 2021

NGO CSW logo, 2-19-21.jpg
SCI at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Virtual Event, dedicated in memory of the devoted solar cooking advocate Dar Curtis
February 2021

Moon image.png
NASA believes solar cooking will work well on the moon
NeoLoco, solar array bakery France, 2-10-21 cropped.jpg
Artisans create solar bakery in Normandy, France
January 2021

TIME logo, 1-29-21 copy.jpg
Bill Gates on how to invest in climate innovation by eliminating emissions, all the way to zero
GWMP logo, 1-4-21.png
The Keeling Curve Prize is accepting applications for innovative climate change solutions (application period is closed)


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