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Wise use of our resources for sustainable development is an NGO that both engages in local community projects, and assists local government institutions in the field of facilitation and implementation of renewable energies and efficient consumption alternatives. is affiliated with the Department of Commercial Crops, Fruits and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Aim is to ease the social and economic implications of a delicate energy scenario, to improve the environmental aspects related to energy consumption, and empower novel and sustainable initiatives in the East African Region as an example for further reproduction. It has been a registered NGO in Zanzibar/Tanzania since 2004


  • October 2014: has two current projects in Zanzibar: Moto - Community Based Handicraft, and Dada - Healthy Food and Natural Cosmetics. Dada cooperatives are using SK14's and solar driers on daily base. Moto cooperatives use SK14's when the women meet to dye fibers.

Current Projects in Zanzibar/TanzaniaEdit

  • MOTO - Community Based Craft Production
  • Clay Stoves Zanzibar - save 50% firewood
  • Zanzibar Crafts&Culture Tour - Museum and Workshop

Audio and videoEdit

  • June 2015:
Solar cooking and handicraft 2002 Zanzibar

Solar cooking and handicraft 2002 Zanzibar

  • September 2009:
Solarafrica Dada - Delicacies&Wholesome Food and eCosmetics

Dada (kiswahili for 'elder sister') is a community based project in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Women cooperatives produce sugar reduced jams, pasta, sun dried fruit, healthy snacks and wellness products like soap, creme and shampoo

Solarafrica clay oven-jiko sanifu conducted workshops to make firewood saving clay ovens in Zanzibar

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