Solar Cooking
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A parabolic solar cooker is demonstrated at a Solarama Energy & Services presentation in 2014.

Solarama is a Moroccan company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of solar cookers, solar water heaters and many other solar products. Our first goal is to make the use of solar products accessible to all, whether in Morocco, Europe, or the rest of Africa. We also provide other services such as social and environmental impact of large-scale installations of our products studies.

Solarama supports local authorities, public institutions, NGOs and foundations in their plans for development assistance wishing to equip solar cookers rural population. The large-scale installation of solar cookers has some impact in sunny areas with a population struggling to find fuel for cooking.

Moroccan forests, the effects of overexploitation are driving down an area of ​​30,000 hec / year, can benefit from our first solar cookers, because citizens in the contiguous forest areas areas will no longer need to cut trees for use as fuel. - text from earlier Energy & Services website

Solarama Energy & Services has been business since 2013. Hassan Bahrani is the CEO and Hicham Dahbi is another key person in the organization. As of late summer 2014, they had distributed 40 solar cookers, primarily SK14 parabolic solar cookers and ULOG Light box cookers.


  • November 2015: In an interview published in L'Usine Nouvelle, Solarama Energy & Services reports selling 280 solar cookers in Morocco between 2013 and 2015. Read more...
  • October 2014:

    Solarama Energy & Services held a recent cooking demonstration attended by government ministers and the the President of Morocco. - Solarama Energy & Services

    Solarama Energy & Services recently held a solar cooking demonstration in Morocco attended by government ministers and the the President of Morocco.

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  • October 2014:

Grand angle 2M Morocco Solar Festival.

Le “ Morocco Solar Festival ” est un événement international dédié au Soleil et au développement durable des zones désertiques. Solar strator, Masen, l'opéra de Paris, Sahmaoui....

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