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Solari solar cooker, 5-25-16

Solari solar cooker

SOLARI logo, 5-25-16

The Solari solar cooker was designed by Bodin Hon in Italy. It incorporates a fresnel lens cover which directs light to the bottom center of the cooking chamber. The dark colored base converts the light to heat, which is then dispersed throughout the cooking area.

The insulated construction of the exterior is comprised of multiple layers of aluminum covered with a protective neoprene outer sleeve. The bottom support swings up to become a carrying handle. The compact size of the cooker should make it easy to transport.

The fresnel solar cooker is equipped with a battery-powered temperature sensor that transmits real-time data to the user's smartphone via the Solari mobile application.


  • May 2016: As of Spring 2016, the cooker is not yet available for sale.

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  • May 2016:
Solari - Smart Portable Solar Cooker

Solari - Smart Portable Solar Cooker

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