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Soleil Burkina1

Soleil Burkina has been promoting solar cooking and other low-cost solar technologies in Burkina Faso since 2007. They are involved in the installation, maintenance, and training of:

  • Lighting
  • Pumps
  • Water Heaters
  • Dryers
  • Cooking (solar and electric stoves)
  • Other applications

News and recent developmentsEdit

  • January 2011: Nonprofit organization Soleil Burkina reports success in its efforts to promote solar cookers in Burkina Faso. The organization offers 5-day workshops to women’s groups and individuals, during which participants assemble solar box cookers and learn how to properly cook in them. Carpenters assist in the assembly of the solar cookers, utilizing local materials including wood, glass and reflectors. Towards the end of the workshops, the women are provided illustrated solar cookbooks and given the opportunity to try their own recipes in the solar cookers, as well as in “foyers améliorés,” locally-produced fuel-efficient wood stoves. The first such workshops were conducted for two women’s groups — Collectif Guimbi Ouattara, a local network, and the Femmes Solidaires, a group of school teachers. The Femmes Solidaires workshop had 40 participants that assembled a total of 45 solar cookers. Follow up with the participants is being conducted by Soleil Burkina staff members to ensure proper usage of the new cookers and to address any issues that arise. The materials and components used in the solar cookers cost close to $70 and are unaffordable to most families in the area. Therefore, the solar cookers are provided to workshop participants at a subsidized price of $25. In addition to wooden solar box cookers, Soleil Burkina also promotes high-temperature butterfly-style parabolic solar cookers. Soleil Burkina will continue to offer workshops to women’s groups and promote solar cookers at local markets and large villages, starting with eight locations near Bama over the next few months. More information...

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