Solar Cooking
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The Somdrij Solar Cooker

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  • This is a simple version of the Somdrij Solar Cooker. It can be made from two cardboard boxes very easily. It is designed for those who don't have measurement tools, but want to make their own solar cooker at very low cost. In one test, the outside temperature was 26 °C (79 °F), and this solar cooker was able to heat 20 litres of water to 63 °C (145 °F) in 4 to 5 hrs.


The model has five parts:

  1. Back panel
  2. Rotator
  3. Base
  4. Front panel
  5. Holder

To make a simple Somdrij Solar Cooker:

  • Select your cooking pot
  • For the front and back panel you need two cardboard boxes. The length of the cardboard should be triple of the pot diameter (for double bucket, it is 4 × pot diameter) and width should be equal to the sum of the pot height and pot diameter.
  • For base portion, you need one piece of cardboard which can hold your pot. This piece of cardboard should have one extension part which is equal to the half of the pot height. It will act as model rotator.
  • The length of holder should be a little longer than base width.
  • The next step is to attach the back panel with rotator and front panel with the base. You may add glue on the marked portion and attach to the lower side of the rotator-base board.
  • Glue reflective materials on all inside surfaces of the cooker.
  • Attach two 2×2 c.m.2 rectangular mirror on the top of each plate.
  • Fold the side parts.
  • Adjust the model with sun in appropriate position. Just stand in front of the cooker. Your shadow should cover the front plate, base and back plate.
  • Then adjust front and back plates with the help of mirror reflection.
  • You need some rectangular blocks to remain the plates in appropriate position.
  • Then attach the holders to the both panel with the help of small rope

The model is ready. When holders get attached, the cooker can be move with sun and can fixed it with the blocks. At 90° sun angle, the angle between rotator and base will be 0° and at 0° sun angle the angle between rotator and base will be 90°.

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