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07:25, July 7, 2020KSC 6.jpg (file)2.53 MBMatteo Muccioli 
07:25, July 7, 2020KSC 5.jpg (file)2.07 MBMatteo Muccioli 
07:24, July 7, 2020KSC 4.jpg (file)2.3 MBMatteo Muccioli 
07:22, July 7, 2020KSC 3.jpg (file)2.27 MBMatteo Muccioli 
07:20, July 7, 2020KSC 2.jpg (file)2.38 MBMatteo Muccioli 
07:17, July 7, 2020Kimono Solar Cooker.jpg (file)2.41 MBMatteo Muccioli 
07:17, July 7, 2020KSC 1.jpg (file)2.41 MBMatteo Muccioli 
04:22, July 4, 2020No.63.jpg (file)33 KBVietnamsolarserve 
04:22, July 4, 2020No.62.jpg (file)22 KBVietnamsolarserve 
04:21, July 4, 2020GreenImpact.jpg (file)17 KBVietnamsolarserve 
03:15, July 4, 2020Staff.JPG (file)42 KBVietnamsolarserve 
02:04, July 4, 2020Solar Serve News No.60.pdf (file)854 KBVietnamsolarserve 
22:35, July 1, 2020Sprouting vitamin increase.jpg (file)92 KBTom Sponheim 
22:29, July 1, 2020How to Grow Bean Sprouts at Home - very simple! & How to Remove Roots (file)35 KBTom Sponheim (created video)
22:26, July 1, 2020Short, crunchy, fresh Growing bean sprouts & pancakes (file)33 KBTom Sponheim (created video)
17:20, June 29, 2020Ester Nattabi distribute fireless cookers, Uganda, 6-29-20.png (file)777 KBPaul Hedrick 
01:29, June 26, 2020AquaPak WHO Evaluation Results 2019.pdf (file)3.22 MBTom Sponheim 
17:28, June 24, 2020Wall oven concept in const. Komarizade, 6-24-20.png (file)277 KBPaul Hedrick 
17:27, June 24, 2020Wall oven concept illus., Komarizade, 6-24-20.png (file)142 KBPaul Hedrick 
01:45, June 24, 2020Power Box Solar Cooker.jpg (file)217 KBTom Sponheim 
17:45, June 21, 2020Heavens Flame - Joe Radabaugh.pdf (file)2.27 MBTom Sponheim 
17:33, June 21, 2020Campstove baking oven.jpg (file)44 KBTom Sponheim 
17:19, June 19, 2020Solar box cooker assembly, Winam Jua CBO, 6-19-20.png (file)436 KBPaul Hedrick 
17:10, June 19, 2020Winam Jua CBO logo, 6-19-20.png (file)16 KBPaul Hedrick 
16:15, June 11, 2020Feuermann Pecha Kucha CONSOLFOOD2020.pdf (file)1.03 MBPaul Hedrick 
22:10, June 8, 2020Pisteur solaire entropie juillet2013.pdf (file)2.84 MBTom Sponheim 
02:47, June 1, 2020Unhcr-logo-US 05-20.jpg (file)23 KBBen Hedrick 
01:57, June 1, 2020ASME logo 05-20.jpg (file)19 KBBen Hedrick 
00:06, June 1, 2020Pasteurize 5 gallons a Day 05-20.pdf (file)1.24 MBBen Hedrick 
20:36, May 26, 2020ANALYSIS OF THE THERMAL BEHAVIOR OF A TUNNEL.pdf (file)527 KBPaul Hedrick 
19:48, May 26, 2020Dr. Solstice , logo, 5-26-20.png (file)18 KBPaul Hedrick 
16:58, May 20, 2020Suscoza-2015.png (file)23 KBTom Sponheim 
22:52, May 19, 2020Yemen heat-retention cooker May 2020.jpg (file)110 KBTom Sponheim 
23:44, May 15, 2020Gosun logo 05-20.png (file)42 KBBen Hedrick 
23:07, May 15, 2020MULTIPLE MIRRORS PAPER 10052020.pdf (file)298 KBBen Hedrick 
22:51, May 15, 2020PIZZA OVEN PAPER 20122019.pdf (file)773 KBBen Hedrick 
20:20, May 15, 2020CONSOLFOOD2020 - HELIAC.pdf (file)2.54 MBBen Hedrick 
20:19, May 15, 2020Heliac CONSOLFOOD2020 - Final.pdf (file)301 KBBen Hedrick 
20:01, May 15, 2020HIGH TEMPERATURE SOLAR COOKING SYSTEM.pdf (file)550 KBBen Hedrick 
19:44, May 15, 2020Tolokatsin V CONSOLFOOD2020.pdf (file)2.52 MBBen Hedrick 
17:54, May 14, 2020Lessons Learned from Applied Solar Cooking In Community, Tamera, Portugal, 5-14-20.pdf (file)5.36 MBPaul Hedrick 
01:28, May 14, 2020Preheating Water.pdf (file)167 KBBen Hedrick 
01:28, May 14, 2020Grain Drying.pdf (file)273 KBBen Hedrick 
01:27, May 14, 2020Disinfecting Clothing and Bedding.pdf (file)287 KBBen Hedrick 
01:27, May 14, 2020Building the Device.pdf (file)1.42 MBBen Hedrick 
01:24, May 14, 2020Solar Z - 12 MAY 2020 - Progress Update.pdf (file)2.13 MBTom Sponheim 
00:52, May 14, 2020Overcoming Hurdles To Solar Cooking.pdf (file)490 KBBen Hedrick 
01:55, May 12, 2020Final Report to Jewish World Watch activities in Chad - Patricia McArdle 2015.pdf (file)254 KBTom Sponheim 
19:20, May 11, 2020CONSOLFOOD2020 MSemedo fullarticle.pdf (file)2.58 MBPaul Hedrick 

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