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00:15, February 19, 2020HC Solar GoSun, 2-17-20.png (file)284 KBPaul Hedrick 
23:52, February 18, 2020HC Solar logo.png (file)22 KBPaul Hedrick 
17:00, February 14, 2020Solar Education Ppoject 2020.jpg (file)764 KBTom Sponheim 
17:00, February 14, 2020Solar Education Ppoject logo.jpg (file)52 KBTom Sponheim 
17:26, February 12, 2020Manufacturers.jpg (file)102 KBTom Sponheim 
20:15, February 7, 2020EuroSun 2020 logo.png (file)27 KBPaul Hedrick 
17:30, February 6, 2020Solar Electric Cooking Synthesis Report 2015.pdf (file)1.03 MBTom Sponheim 
19:48, February 5, 2020Norway map.jpg (file)1.91 MBTom Sponheim 
19:11, February 2, 2020FourSolarie poster, 2-2-20.png (file)722 KBPaul Hedrick 
18:59, February 1, 2020Palabek Refugee Camp - January 2020.jpg (file)1.94 MBTom Sponheim (Lightened)
23:24, January 31, 2020Ft3 solar cooker 3.png (file)221 KBBen Hedrick 
23:24, January 31, 2020Ft3 solar cooker 2.png (file)371 KBBen Hedrick 
23:23, January 31, 2020Ft3 solar cooker 1.png (file)301 KBBen Hedrick 
04:55, January 31, 2020Sci map 12-19.png (file)677 KBBen Hedrick 
04:15, January 31, 2020Physics world logo.png (file)15 KBBen Hedrick 
00:42, January 31, 2020Farmers with a Vision - February 2019.jpg (file)41 KBTom Sponheim 
23:14, January 30, 2020Amid crippling power cuts, Zimbabwe turns to solar energy - The Washington Post.pdf (file)69 KBTom Sponheim 
23:00, January 30, 2020Solar Heater Drier - Dale Andreatta 2019.pdf (file)1.12 MBTom Sponheim 
20:37, January 30, 2020Mixing Boiling Water - Final Report - Kenya Lab (Kevin McLean).pdf (file)779 KBTom Sponheim 
17:58, January 30, 2020CONSOLFOOD 2020 cookers.jpg (file)456 KBTom Sponheim 
17:17, January 28, 2020CONSOLFOOD2020 participants.jpg (file)356 KBTom Sponheim (Cropped and lightened)
19:18, January 27, 2020Jet-Flame.png (file)85 KBTom Sponheim 
18:41, January 27, 2020Florida Renewable Energy Association 2019.jpg (file)105 KBTom Sponheim 
21:07, January 24, 2020CONSOLFOOD 2020 day two.jpg (file)79 KBTom Sponheim 
20:46, January 24, 2020Garota Intelligentsia 2019.jpg (file)435 KBTom Sponheim 
19:55, January 23, 2020CONSOLFOOD 2020 day one.jpg (file)222 KBTom Sponheim 
18:10, January 22, 2020Haiti Adolescent Girls Network - January 2018.jpg (file)650 KBTom Sponheim 
23:48, January 21, 2020Fabrication de cuiseurs et séchoirs solaires - Cristelle Sourian and David Amelin.pdf (file)3.29 MBTom Sponheim 
23:44, January 21, 2020Fabrication de cuiseurs et séchoirs solaires - Cristelle Sourian and David Amelin.jpg.pdf (file)3.29 MBTom Sponheim 
18:06, January 20, 2020Solarinstitut Jülich 2020.jpg (file)66 KBTom Sponheim 
03:17, January 18, 2020South Africa cooking condition 2000.jpg (file)334 KBTom Sponheim 
03:08, January 18, 2020Grupo Jaragua 2018.jpg (file)144 KBTom Sponheim 
17:30, January 16, 2020Colavito solar cooker construction manual CJ 2008.pdf (file)4.15 MBTom Sponheim 
17:50, January 14, 2020The feasibility of introducing solar ovens to rural - Merridy Wilson and J Maryan Green 2000.pdf (file)250 KBTom Sponheim 
19:32, January 13, 2020SHE, Loretta Harp Haines cooker intiative, 1-13-20.png (file)535 KBPaul Hedrick 
23:13, January 12, 2020Making Petals of Solar Cookers With Mylar and alveolar PP sheets - Coroplast - Elmo Dutra.pdf (file)1.11 MBTom Sponheim 
22:50, January 12, 2020Amazon Smile.jpg (file)109 KBTom Sponheim 
22:44, January 12, 2020Recetario de Olla Solar 2019.pdf (file)6.34 MBTom Sponheim 
18:08, January 12, 2020FoST January 2020.jpg (file)567 KBTom Sponheim 
16:52, January 11, 2020Bahamas map.jpg (file)145 KBTom Sponheim 
02:33, January 8, 2020All Season Solar Cooker 2019.jpg (file)453 KBTom Sponheim 
18:39, January 7, 2020Haines 2.jpg (file)101 KBTom Sponheim 
19:14, January 6, 2020Comparison with a 3-stone fire - Dieter Seifert.jpg (file)110 KBTom Sponheim 
19:08, January 2, 2020Faustine Odaba - firelesscookers - cooking times.pdf (file)53 KBPaul Hedrick 
00:23, December 28, 2019Mireille Chadia Mahoro, Rawanda, 12-27-19.png (file)104 KBPaul Hedrick 
00:13, December 28, 2019Mukamwiza, Miss Career Rawanda, 12-27-19, The New Times .png (file)296 KBPaul Hedrick 
19:55, December 26, 2019Tiny Tech inventory, 12-9-19.png (file)62 KBPaul Hedrick 
18:31, December 26, 2019Global Solar Education Project 2019.jpg (file)719 KBTom Sponheim 
18:24, December 20, 2019SCI White Paper - Edward Ortiz - July 2018.pdf (file)398 KBTom Sponheim 
22:52, December 19, 2019Odaba simmering times 2019.jpg (file)194 KBTom Sponheim 

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