Solar Cooking
Solar Cooking
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Sperancea Gabone has been an active solar cooking promoter in Tanzania since 1999 and has demonstrated solar cooking to thousands of people there.


Thirty women in the village of Rau, Tanzania, receive solar box cookers and fireless cookers - Photo credit: SCI

  • June 2012: Sperancea sent this photo of a workshop held in the Majengo Ward - Moshi, Tanzania.

Majengo Ward workshop - Moshi, Tanzania - Photo credit: Sperancea Gabone

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  • March 2006: Sperancea Gabone recently held a solar cooker exhibition at Mawenzi primary school in Moshi, Tanzania. Over 20 people gathered to learn about solar cooking and to taste solar-cooked food, including ugali, meat, beans and rice. Rolf Behringer, of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), led a solar box cooker construction workshop at nearby Karanga Technical School, and joined Ms. Gabone at the exhibition. In addition to solar box cookers, retained-heat cookers were also used. (A retained-heat cooker, also known as a fireless cooker or “hay box,” is an insulated enclosure in which is set a pot of food that has been brought to a boil, allowing it to continue to cook after being removed from its heat source.)

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