Legume and grain sprouts combine wonderfully with solar cooking. You can take just about any bean (or pea, lentil, etc.) that is viable (that is, not heat processed or ancient/stale/rancid) and sprout it just a little bit, just enough so there's a little root starting to poke out. If you cook it at this point, it will still be very close to a dry bean in taste and texture (for example, your chili will still taste/feel like chili), but they will cook more quickly and be much easier to digest. Basically, in the process of waking up, the seed digests the part that gives some people trouble. Grains like wheat or barley sprouted the same way and also cook quicker and are easier to digest.

You can sprout the legumes and grain together, in a jar with one of those plastic sprout lids or cheesecloth or netting banded over the top. Soak for eight hours or so in cool water, then drain and rinse two or three times a day until the little roots start to poke out. It only takes a couple of days to get them to this point.

Note: In areas where water is scarce, it is good to note that all extra water from soaking and rinsing can then be used for cooking, so almost no water need be wasted for this type of sprouting

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