Solar Cooking
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Sun Cook box cooker

SunOK, based in Portugal, was founded at the end of 2008 in order to provide decentralized energy solutions. Providing cooking solutions that use energy sources off-grid is a primary goal of the organization. To that end, they have re-introduced the Sun Cook, a solar box cooker. The optics of the reflectors are technically advanced, and the construction components are quite sturdy, incorporating recycled materials.

Other products sold by SunOK include among other items a solar barbecue, the Sunflair portable solar oven, and a solar kettle.


The new solar box cookers from SunOK now come in two sizes. Photo Credit: SunOK

  • June 2017: SunOK offers their cork-based cooker in new sizes - SunOK has made improved versions of their earlier Sun Cork solar box cooker. They now offer the Suntaste Compact and the Suntaste Large. More information...

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