The Solar SunPan Marmite was specially designed to be manufactured in any country with local materials and hand tools and build a solar oven and home town.

A lightweight easy to move, easy to store, easy to clean, if it folds to be shipped. The material cost for the unit and the six pots (pots rectangular) is less than $ 10.00. Materials can be purchased with local currency and the minimum capital required to start marketing. The unit should be profitable for a manufacturer and its dealers. Local NGOs, service organizations, religious groups and the government are essential to help promote oral and demonstrations as useful in rural areas. Falls from aluminum lithographic plates are the essential "SunPan. Each government office, newspaper or printer uses these plates. The cost of printing plates for a solar oven is approximately $ 2.00 (about $ 1.25 per kilogram). These printing plates are used to manufacture the exterior, interior and reflectors. They are cut and attached to a rectangular wooden frame of 385 mm X 960 mm, the insulation is made of 30 mm falling textile, blanket, carpet, fiber layer or normal (wool, jute, etc..), rock wool, fiberglass, etc.. and the solar window is a window of 370 mm X 955 mm glass or plastic (or film). It is recommended to screw the frame together and printing plates.

2400 square centimeters of falling aluminum plate to give approximately a pot of 20 cm X 27.5 cm X 5.5 cm, with its lid. The material cost is lower: $ 0.30 per pot! The printing plate aluminum is relatively rigid. Therefore, all curves should have a radius - folding edges can crack the metal.

The diagrams are based on a Heidelberg printing plate 102, 770mm x 1030mm which is a common printing plate (must be 3 by four plates). A printing plate additional 610mm x 740mm (oven and six pots can be manufactured in five of these plates). Newspapers typically use an aluminum plate of 380mm x 630mm (dozens of these plates would be a cooker and six pots). The falling value of aluminum used for cooking and solar cookers amounts of approximately $ 2.00 to $ 2.50 for 3 large plates, 5 small plates or 10 plates for newspaper printing

These elements must be used unit as a guide to create your unit with the aluminum plates available in your country. The size of the plate will dictate the size of the oven. You might find a smaller or larger unit is more economical. In addition, the glass or plastic available can determine the size and shape of the unit. The surface of the window and reflector solar determine the quantity of food that can be cooked. When solar energy is 4kw/mètre square or more, a window and a reflector with a width of square 0.1mètre can cook 1 to 2 kg of beans, meat, vegetables, etc ... A reflector that adjusts the angle of the sun improve performance.

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