Solar Cooking
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The SunRay 1000 manufactured by Safe Water Systems pasteurizes 1000 gallons of water per day.

The SunRay 1000 solar water pasteurizer is designed specifically for reliable use in the harsh conditions of rural and remote areas. It is an ideal choice for water disinfection wherever conventional water treatment is unavailable or unreliable.

Now water can be pasteurized and made safe to drink by using only the heat of the sun. Just as boiling water with electricity or wood kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses, the SunRay 1000 achieves the same result by using the sun as the source of heat.

An efficient, cost-effective way to disinfect highly contaminated water sources, the SunRay 1000 is used in schools, rural communities, health clinics, hospitals, orphanages, and many other applications. More than 1,500 Solar Water Pasteurizers from Safe Water Systems are providing safe drinking water to communities in 50 countries.

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