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Teresa Danley displaying the SunSpot cooking system, Photo credit: SunSpot

SunSpot Solar Electric Cooking was founded by Doug & Teresa Danley living in Germantown, Maryland, USA. Team members includes experience in solar and power electronics engineering, business, rural economic development (two are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers).  They have been working on this concept since 2020, performing testing of induction cooking, designing solar electric cooking systems, talking to people around the world about solar electric cooking, and thinking up innovative business plans. 

They are building prototype solar electric cooking systems, working on designs for advanced technical solutions, and planning field survey and pilot projects to get more experience with the application, and to show that this technology works and can provide benefits to rural users around the world.  Above from the SunSpot website


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  • April 2022:

Doug Danley - SunSpotPV- Banking on PV-to-Induction Cookers and More-3

Video credit: Big Blue Museum

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