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The SunFocus Solar Oven

The Sun BD Corporation offers an solar electric ovens that combines the convenience of a household oven along with a high efficiency solar oven. In 2004 David Chalker started the Sun BD Corporation and teamed up with Rohitas Electronics, a solar oven manufacturing company based in India to bring the Tulsi®-Hybrid Oven solar electric oven to America.

In 2011 the Sun BD Corporation began manufacturing the full sized, made in USA SunFocus™ solar electric oven. As of February 2017 there is now an updated SunFocus 3-in-1 Solar Electric Oven as well as a SunFocus Solar Oven (without electric heating element). Cookers are made in Waterloo, New York, USA.



The UGLI Hybrid Solar Electric Oven Photo credit: Sun BD Corporation

  • February 2018: The UGLI Hybrid cooker becomes available - The Sun BD Corporation, under the direction of David Chalker, has released a more economical version of their solar /electric solar oven called the UGLI Hybrid Solar Electric Oven. David describes the oven as made with a double-walled folded cardboard design. It has two independent pre-set thermostats and a specially designed electric heating pad of 465 watts/115v. AC to augment solar cooking when needed. More information...
  • January 2014: Hybrid solar cooker includes electrical back-up option - Since 2010, David Chalker, founder of the Sun BD Corporation, has been working on a version of a solar box cooker that includes an electrical heating element, rated at 465 Watts/120 Volts. The SunFocus has a built-in thermostat which will turn off the electrical heating element once the cooker has reached 150°C (300°F).


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