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Solar Cookers now available in the Philippines[edit | edit source]

Discover the first solar BBQ designed and manufactured in the Philippines[edit | edit source]

Now solar cookers are available in the Philippines, our Sun Blaze BBQ is one of the most powerful solar barbecues avaialble. It heats instantly UP to 300 degrees Celsius, has a 1.5 meter diameter, and is made all of aluminium. It weighs roughly 10 kilos and it is very easy to operate. It needs nothing more than the sun, no charcoal, no LPG, no electricity needed, it's all clean, free, and unlimited energy.

Sun Blaze BBQ

Who can profit our Solar Cooker?[edit | edit source]

As an individual, the Sun Blaze BBQ is ideal to organize BBQ parties, it is easy to operate, it heat instantly, it is clean, and uses free energy, and no doubt you will surprise your friends!

For communities the Sun Blaze BBQ provides an efficient alternative to charcoal and wood for cooking, it will contribute to help stopping deforestation and help preserve the bio diversity of the wildlife.

Free demo BBQ parties will be held in Metro Manila[edit | edit source]

If you are interested by a demo we plan to organize a free BBQ party in Manila, just pm us and leave us your name we will get back to you to with a date and a venue.

If you wish to sponsor a BBQ party by hosting, we will pay you a commission on every sales made by one of the guests having attended this event hosted by you, we will come with our Solar BBQ, install it and assist you in operating the BBQ. Please pm us for details.

Sun Blaze BBQ

Ten good reasons to purchase our Solar BBQ[edit | edit source]

  1. It's unique in Philippines, you won't find this anywhere else
  2. We deliver, we install (Metro Manila), we service, we repair, we ship nationwide,
  3. It heats instantly, 300 to 400 degrees Celsius by sunny days
  4. It's free to use
  5. It's eco-friendly, 0% C02
  6. It's not messy, no charcoal
  7. It's all made of aluminium, extremely light
  8. Made to be durable (10 to 15 years)
  9. Can be totally or partially dismantled
  10. Cooks almost anything, boils and fries

We will unveil more about our Solar BBQ by posting more pictures and videos soon, stay tuned!

Partnership[edit | edit source]

We welcome potential partners and NGOs to help us provide solar cookers to those in need in the Philippines, you can help in different manners:

  • help us getting the right contacts
  • help us by introducing us to networks in the business
  • help us by distributing our products
  • help us by promoting our products
  • help us provide solar cooker to communities in need through NGOs
  • help us by hosting demos

For every 6 Solar BBQ that we sell we will donate one to communities who desperately need one.

Price and shipping fee[edit | edit source]

The price of the Sun Blaze BBQ is 346.00 Dollar US (USD) or 15,000.00 Philippine peso

The shipping fee depends on your location, so please just let us know where the item is to be delivered and we will check.

Customer service[edit | edit source]

  • We provide online assistance in French and English 24/7,
  • In Metro Manila we install your BBQ with no additional fee
  • We ship nationwide and worldwide
  • All parts can be purchased separately, in case it is needed any part of the BBQ can be replaced
  • Contact us through our facebook page for additional information

DIY Parabolic Dish (cheap alternative from buying the Sun Blaze)[edit | edit source]

If you wish you can just purchase the parabola and assemble it yourself, more details here:

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Sun Blaze BBQ

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