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SunPower parabolic cooker, 7-18-13

The Sun Chef Cooker

The Sun Chef Cooker is a parabolic solar cooker manufactured in the USA in Waddell, Arizona and sold by Sun Chef Cookers. Originally the cooker and the company had the same name, "Sun Power Cooker."

Technical detailsEdit

  • The Sun Chef Cooker is lighter than some commercial parabolic cookers yet heavier than others making it steady enough when there are breezes yet light enough to easily move around the yard.
  • The diameter of the parabolic dish is 107cm (42"). The reflectors is made from polished aluminum panels. The frame is also aluminum. Weight is 10.5kg (23lbs).

Audio and videoEdit

  • March 2012:
SunPower Cooker in cold weather

SunPower Cooker in cold weather

  • November 2011:
The SunPower Cooker!-0

The SunPower Cooker!-0

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Sun Chef Cooker
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Tel.: +1 800-713-1277

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