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Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer, 3-3-14

The Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer

Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer cooking, 3-3-14

Baking cookies in the solar oven

The Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer is manufactured by Sun Frost and incorporates an evacuated tube. The evacuated tube permits reaching extremely high cooking temperatures around 316 °C (601 °F). Even at these high temperatures the outside of the oven is still close to room temperature. They recently used the ovens to make popcorn and roast coffee, two processes which require relatively high temperatures.

As a result of the small losses from the walls of the oven, high temperatures can be achieved even in partial sunlight partial sunlight. The company has built two ovens using this technology. One incorporates a 42” long 5” diameter tube and the second consists of an 18” long 2 ¼” diameter tube. In the larger oven we’ve cooked a variety of foods from lasagna to cookies. Cooking time are similar to those in a conventional oven.

Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer needles, 3-3-14

Disposable hypodermic needles are sterilized and encased in plastic.

The Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer can also be used to safe sterilize disposable hypodermic needles and other medical "sharps". Disposable needles are often used for vaccinations. Safe disposal can be a problem.


  • February 2017: The original Sun Frost Cooker-Sterilizer is being redesigned to have electric back-up capability. Please contact Sun Frost for current availability.

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