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The Sun Juicer lightweight parabolic solar cooker

The 'mini' Sun Juicer, 8-21-14

The Sun Juicer mini is also available.

The Sun Juicer was designed in 2012 by Leonel Gotlibowski and Hannie Goldgewicht living in Los Angles, California, USA. It is described as an emergency ultralight, compact, parabolic solar cooker. The Sun Juicer fits in a box or bag 48 x 20 x 2.5cm (19" x 8" x 1"), and weighs about .7 kg (1.5 lb).

The size when assembled: 99cm wide, 74cm high, 40cm depth (39” wide, 29 high, 16” depth)

Dish: 66cm diameter, 18cm depth (26” diameter, 7" depth)

The parabolic dish is made out of a highly reflective heat resistant Mylar coated with aluminum oxide. A simple to assemble structure supports the dish and the stove top, and allows you to easily position align and adjust your solar cooker to the particular position of the sun throughout most of the day. Tips and guidelines are provided in the manual. The stove top allows you to use small and medium household lidded pots and pans (preferably black in color or as dark as possible). It does not require special containers or heat resistant bags. The designer states that it takes approximately 35 minutes to boil 2 cups of water on a clear sunny day.

Recommended for pots with a maximum capacity of 1.4kg (3 lbs.) and a maximum diameter of 20cm (8"). The cooker comes with a simple instruction manual and user guide for building, positioning, maintaining, and basic care

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