Solar Cooking
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Free Cooking with the worlds best selling solar oven! The Global Sun Oven ®

The Global Sun Oven® is the worlds best selling solar oven for a large number of reasons.

This solar oven is not just a niche item for die-hard environmentalists, but a serious everyday device for cooking.

First off this compact solar oven with a large cooking area actually works well! It heats up quickly, cooks in a very fast time, and stays hot for hours.

Equally as important is its ease of use. Easy enough for a child to use, it doesn't need much adjustment. Cooking everyday in this oven is a real pleasure as it has been designed for this purpose.

The Global Sun Oven ® is a very high quality unit, designed manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. using the highest quality safe components. This oven doesn't have any hidden nasties, smells or hazardous materials that will affect you.

As far as features go the Global Sun Oven ® is without rival :

  • Large and high cooking area
  • Fold down reflectors for easy storage / travel
  • Self levelling base
  • Built in Thermometer
  • Adjustable leg
  • Great insulation properties
  • Large Reflector area
  • Lightweight
  • Easy access to food while cooking
  • Fast cooking times

This amazing solar cooker will make your cooking life easier and save you a substantial amount in cooking costs, all the while lowering your pollution output!

The Global Sun Oven ® is that good that some are trying to monopolize by selling counterfeit ovens. But as with most copies there is only one original, which is the best and safest. For more information head to for more details and photos.

Buying a Global Sun Oven ® will be one of your best investments ever!

Here's to cooking for free in the sun!

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