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The Sun Scoop, designed by Stephen Harrigan of Solar Clutch, is a light weight box type solar cooker. This waterproof cooker is made from plastic fluteboard (just like corrugated cardboard, but made of plastic).

The Sun Scoop was designed especially with the needs and desires of the city dwellers in Africa in mind. A number of issues came to the surface that Steve has tried to address:

  1. The need for cooking more than one pot at a time
  2. The need for portability and durability but yet keeping the cost down.
  3. The need to be able to manufacture and repair a broken cooker locally with simple hand tools.
  4. The need for simplicity of use.
  5. The need for a ready supply of materials
  6. The need to be able to cook on marginal cooking days

The Sun Scoop collapses for easy portability.

The Sun Scoop has a simple glass door with inner tube for the seal and hinges and clasps that are simple to make and easily replaced if broken. Snaps on the reflector open and adjust for the angle of the sun. No need to tip the cooker or have the food on a swinging tray.

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Sun Scoop Lite[]

Sun Scoop Lite

The Sun Scoop Lite is a blend between a solar box cooker and a panel cooker. It allows for multiple containers to be used at one time and eliminates the need for cooking bags. Clear polypropylene containers shaped as buckets and boxes are now available in all countries of the world and can be used to insulate the food while cooking.

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