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Sun Scoop Lite

Sun Scoop Lite

The Sun Scoop Lite

The Sun Scoop Lite

The Sun Scoop Lite is a blend between a solar box oven and a panel cooker. It allows for multiple containers to be used at one time and eliminates the need for cooking bags. Clear polypropylene containers shaped as buckets and boxes are now available in all countries of the world and can be used to insulate the food while cooking.

The Sun Scoop Lite is a slimmed downed version of the Sun Scoop. The original reflectors of the Sun Scoop were retained, but the insulated box was removed. This trimmed down version is much lower in price and can still serve as a box cooker. Using clear polypropylene containers to cook in, Solar Clutch reports that it is a great cooker for large pots as well as multiple small ones. While not the hottest solar oven out there, it still produced 120 °C (248 °F) late in September in northeast Indiana and cooked great even when the containers were stacked.

Folded up, the Sun Scoop Lite measures 61 cm (24 in) square by 5 cm (2 in) thick. It has a plywood base with a reflective coating attached so that all sides and the bottom reflect toward the cooking pots.

Clear polypropylene containers are food grade #5 recyclable and can handle the temperatures of a cooking pot like any autoclave bag. More and more countries are outlawing the production and use of any type of plastic bag since they are such an environmental problem. Polypropylene containers in the Sun Scoop Lite can be round, square, rectangle, tall or short, as long as they closely fit the cooking pot.


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