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Sunshine On My Shoulder logo, 12-14-15
Merry Bevill, Sunshine On My Shoulder, 12-14-15

Merry Bevill poses with the Solavore Sport solar cooker.

Sunshine On My Shoulder is a website devoted to the "outside kitchen" operated by Merry Bevill living in Mesa, Arizona, USA. She began solar cooking in 2008, and teaching solar cooking classes in 2011. She also has written a blog since 2009, reviewing various solar cookers, but with a primary focus on the best types of food cooked with the sun. "There is more to outdoor cooking than just grilled burgers and dogs..." (excerpted from website 2-2017)

She wishes to demonstrate that there are recipes beyond stews and brownies for solar cookers, which are high quality and beautifully presented meals, and yet another factor in helping to expand the appeal of solar cooking in developed countries.

Merry teaches regular classes about 3-4 times a year at a local store and has done public demonstrations in Mesa, having taught 100 people to solar cook in 2015.

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