Solar Cooking
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PEP cooker tested label 2, 1-13-21

SurviveIt2 logo, 11-29-21

SurviveIt2 Mission is to Change the World with Revolutionary Disruptive Survival, Camping, Homeless, and Immigration products and services. To create new viable and better solutions to age old product problems (pain points) and further advance products status quo standards. We specialize in survival and travel product research, design and development, education, and consulting to save lives, reduce suffering, lower costs, while protecting our environments. Our products provide protection, comfort hope and dignity. They are safe, reliable, fun, green and easy to use. We wish consumers to know that we specifically designed different configurations of our base unit, The Ultimate Survivor Basecamp Package, to fully address the many different industry and end user needs. Our all-weather Multi-functional Survival and Adventure products are the Most Complete & Effective Essentials in One-Packaged Unit Ever Imagined; They are the Best Solutions for the Best Outcomes in Any Circumstance and Situation Worldwide for Everyone!

SurviveIt2 panel photo, 1-11-22

The commonality to all our cross-marketed products stated above is everyone needs elements and products to live, no exceptions...not even you! We are the World's leader in Survival Packages, a new category of products we founded in 2007, that helps make the world a safer place to live in!

SurviveIt2 tube cooker, 1-11-22

One of the many features and benifits of the SuviveIt2 is a built-in evacuated tube solar cooker. The box opens and one side of the cover contains an adjustable reflector for the cooking tube.

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