Solar Cooking
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Suzette Bienvenue is an Education Specialist with the Energy and Technology Center of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in California. One of her duties is to give presentations on the educational possibilities of solar energy. Her department hosts several, no-cost, professional development workshops for on solar energy throughout the school year. At these workshops, teachers learn how to provide cutting-edge, standards-based solar energy activities to keep their science curriculum fresh and current. She has worked with the California Science Teacher Association to create a workshop to introduce solar cooking to middle school-age students. Solar cooking allows teachers to explore climate change, energy conduction, convection, electromagnetic-spectrum, and issues facing non-renewable energy resources.


  • July 2013: Suzette chronicles the many related solar power educational activities taking place in the greater Sacramento, California area in the latest edition of the summer newsletter for teachers at Energy Education Summer 2013.
  • March 2013: Suzette Bienvenue has written the article, Cooking With the Sun, for the Winter 2013 edition of Association for Women in Science. She explains the benefits of solar cooking for the users and the environment, and how the same technology can be used for water pasteurization.


Suzette Bienvenue
Energy and Technology Center
Sacramento Municipal Utility District, MS A226
6301 S Street, Sacramento, California 95817-1899