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Sadarbek Tohirbekov with the solar cooker provided by Little Earth. Photo by Little Earth.

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Little Earth group workshop Pamir, Tajikistan 2019.- Photo credit: Little Earth

  • November 2020: This project in upper Bartang valley, Pamir, Tajikistan improves the life of women and local communities through efficient use of natural resources with affordable sustainable energy technologies. The project supports 55 women, and their vulnerable families, in five communities. Women and men participated in awareness raising and technical trainings, including exhibitions on sustainable energy solutions, workshops on the construction of solar water heaters and food dryers, trainings on women’s empowerment and a study tour in other villages. In all, 55 efficient cooking stoves, 75 parabolic solar cookers, 40 solar lanterns, 55 pressure cookers, and two solar water heaters were distributed in the target villages. Additionally, 300 tree seedlings will be planted to regenerate the forest. Read more...
  • March 2015: Little Earth, a Tajiak environmental NGO, provided a solar cooker to the village of Roshorv (located at an altitude of more than 3000 m) in the Bartang Valley of Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast. Sadarbek Tohirbekov, a teacher of Russian language at the local school, took delivery of the parabolic cooker, though each resident of the village has access to it. Tohirbekov said, "to prepare a lunch or dinner [without a solar cooker], we use about half a kilo of bush kindling and then a couple of kilos of firewood and three kilos of dried manure or coal. For example, just to boil five to seven liters of water requires about three to five kilos of bush. A solar kitchen can greatly reduce the consumption of firewood and other fuels, even if you use it only once a day." Read more...

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