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NEW: Tamera is a research and development workshop located in Reliquias, Portugal. Part of their research focusses on solar utilization, by creating working models, typically with low cost, abundant, and non-toxic materials. Models that can then be used as replicable examples for developed, and developing countries alike. Training others in their work is also a priority for the Tamera team.


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  • NEW:  April 2021:

Concentrated Solar Mirror, FixFocus, explained by Jürgen Kleinwächter in Tamera-2

Jürgen Kleinwächter explains creating a heat storage and transfer technology for cooking and electricity production with abundant, non-toxic, and inexpensive materials.

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Tamera, Healing Biotope 1
Monte do Cerro
7630-392 Reliquias

Tel: +351 283 635 306


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