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Solar-cooker-design-Maria Telkes

The original Telkes Solar Cooker

Telkes Solar Cooker

Colorado Bob's Solar Oven

In 2009, I built this fairly large Telkes Solar Cooker on a wheeled carriage . I call her "The Maria Telkes". I created a vlog to document the building of this oven at Colorado Bob's Solar Oven. The project was funded in part with an online fundraising effort. It was recently donated to Breedlove Foods, the world's largest non-profit dehydration plant. The oven is designed to serve community or commercial needs, by being able to cook large quantities of food at one time.

I'm about to start a project with the Breedlove folks, to see if we can't start sending solar cookers in their shipping containers. Any input from from the good folks here , will be greatly appreciated, I can be reached at Colorado Bob's Solar Oven, there's a email link there.

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