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Sustainability trust
Two rotary clubbers

Jonathan Porritt (CBE) is shown a solar cooker by Cheltenham Sunrise Club's Bob Gower.

Solar cooking uganda

The ladies of Uganda learn how to cook by solar, led by Fresno Rotary Club.

The Sustainability Trust or Rotarians for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction is a global Rotary International club project. Rotarians around the world are playing their part to create a sustainable planet and provide humanitarian aid. Examples of projects include the following:

  • 2010: Solar cooking in AIDS/HIV stricken communities in South African Townships via Grahamstown Sunset and Kirstenbosch Rotary Clubs. More info here.
  • Integrated Solar Cooking sponsored by Rotary Club of Fresno. More info here.

Visit the Trust's project page to learn more about projects and become a Sustaining Member Club or individual. The Trust aims to get Clubs around the world working together on humanitarian projects that will make our planet sustainable for future generations.


View the full 2010 project flyer here

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Email: The Sustainability Trust

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