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One-time tasks[edit | edit source]

Paul[edit | edit source]

Ben[edit | edit source]

Tom[edit | edit source]

  • DONE Add all languages to the alternative GoogleTranslateLinks templates
  • DONE Change Facebook and Twitter icons
  • DONE Ask Dieter Seifert which parabolics to list on category page.
  • DONE Rename HeadlineExt2 template.
  • DONE Add verbiage to WAPI to indicate that water slowly heats and cools and is thus in kill zone for quite a time.
  • DONE Tighten up Canning article including some caveats for these issues: "We do not, and cannot recommend these canning procedures, even for fruits. I have never seen any heat penetration work published or referenced to know these procedures take care of target microorganisms for all different fruits and tomatoes. If it was this simple, we would have the same process time for every fruit, even in boiling water. Different foods and packs heat differently while processing in the canner. They are mis-interpreting "all you need is boiling temperature." The goal is not to just bring the syrup to boiling and stop heating. Plus, when syrups or liquids boil out of the jar, you run the risk of lids not sealing, since those surfaces which meet should be clean. Also, we set goals for desirable headspaces and evacuation of air from jars before sealing for good vacuums and quality during storage. Our recommendations do not include solar canning or the description you have provided."
  • Have bot change all PD to Fairuse

Unassigned[edit | edit source]

  • Remove "NGOs" from categories like "NGOs employing...". Change to "Microcredits", "Biomass briquettes", etc.
  • Change "Heat-retention cooker" to "Retained-heat cooker"
  • Flesh out United Nations Sustainable Development Goals using information from linked document
  • Make redirect pages from Spanish and French titles to English pages.
  • Go to each design type and make sure there is an image marked with the correct categories for each text link.
  • Rename cooker design images and make image page redirect to article page: BibeSol as an example
  • Rename all solar cooker design images so that they show up as clickable titles under the automatically generated images at the bottom of the category pages.
  • Go through all country pages and verify external links
  • The help pages need to be rewritten to indicate that an account is now necessary and that WYSIWYG is now the default.
  • On many of our country pages we have links to Kiva partners in that country that do micro lending. We need to check each of these and make sure they are still valid Kiva partners and we need to add more newer partners or possibly just a link to all Kiva partners for that country. An example is here.
  • Go through recent news stories and important articles and try to turn the red links into external links to existing resources on the Web.
  • Search youtube by country and "Solar cooking" to find other recent solar cooking activities in each country.

Wishlist[edit | edit source]

On-going tasks[edit | edit source]

Completed tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Test every external link on every NGO page and use the Wayback Machine on to recover any missing pages.
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