Solar Cooking
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Renewable Energy Exhibit in Guadalajara June 2008 where Schaeper had to transport the large Scheffler Reflector by trailer.

The large Scheffler Reflector folded in two so that it could fit on a trailer.

The new TrinySol production facility

TrinySol, under the direction of Gregor Schäpers, has built and installed the first commercial solar cooker in the entire Mexican Republic, in the town of San Andrés, state of Hidalgo. Six Scheffler Community Kitchen solar parabolas 10 m2 each, concentrate the sun's rays and the heat is used mainly for the production of agave syrup but also for cooking vegetables etc.


  • August, 2014: TrinySol built and installed a series of reflectors in El Sauz, Mexico. The cookers are either 10-square-meters or 16-square-meters and can cook for up to 60 people, said Gregor Shapers. More info...


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