Tripod Solar Cooker 2

Tripod cooker with a Fresnel pattern reflector

Tripod solar cooker

Tripod cooker with a dish reflector

The Tripod Solar Cooker is a design that is easy to construct, and is similar to a traditional Indian storage cache. The reflective surface can be a dish or incorporate a Fresnel style pattern.

It is convenient to use this approach when there is no easy way to support the reflector and cooking assembly with a traditional framework of steel, aluminum, or wood. Then this very simple system with three poles tied near the top end does an excellent job. These poles are open at the other end and separated sufficiently so the cooker will stay secure in the space between them. You can also hang the cooking pot from the same poles. Sun tracking is performed by shifting the pole locations, and the slope of the reflector. Changing the slope of the reflector can be accomplished by using graduated lengths of support ropes.

Information courtesy of Juan Urrutia Sanz

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