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The Trotter Cooker is a lightweight, weatherproof, and very portable solar panel cooker produced by ID Cook, a manufacturer based in France. The size folded is 50 x 30 x 3 cm., opening up to 90 x 50 x 50 cm. The cooker was designed by xCruza. Once unfolded, you place the metal grill on the base, include your cook pot, and fold down the clear cover over the lower half of the cooker.

It weighs only 0.8kg, and is constructed from cloth, aluminum, and polyethylene. The maximum operating temperature, noted by the manufacturer, is 120°C (250°F). Using materials that have low heat conductivity, the cooker is safe to handle when cooking. Easy to clean: Its synthetic and waterproof materials facilitate cleaning and avoid dirt accumulation.

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Vivo en Argentina Cocina solar - 02-08-11

Vivo en Argentina Cocina solar - 02-08-11



Trotter Cooker demonstration


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