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Bake the Cycle is a program that establishes solar bakeries in Africa which become life-sustaining entities for widows and their children. True Vineyard Ministries wants to help put a stop to the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by providing a place for these women to work while simultaneously ensuring the children in the household will go to school. Currently, we are raising funds for construction of the Bread of Life Bakery in Ruhengeri / Musanze, Rwanda.

The bakery they are planning won’t just be any bakery. The widows will use a large-capacity Villager Sun Oven recently obtained from Sun Ovens International. It uses pure reflectivity from the sun, gets up to 500 degrees and can bake up to 50 one-pound loaves of bread per hour. Once they arrive, Olsen and Wiley will begin teaching the widows how to use the oven and basic baking techniques.

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The “Bake the Cycle” project with True Vineyard Ministries helps break the cycle of poverty by providing solar bakery jobs to widowed women.

  • April 2010: U.S-based True Vineyard Ministries provides sustainable opportunities for widows and children impacted by genocide, subsequent conflicts, and HIV/AIDS in Rwanda. Its “Bake the Cycle” project is helping to break the cycle of poverty by providing solar bakery jobs to 10 widowed women supporting families in Ruhengeri. The bakery provides a variety of breads to local businesses and families. The women use a commercial-sized Villager Sun Oven® that reaches temperatures in excess of 250°C and can bake hundreds of loaves of bread each day. It has a propane backup system for evening use and during inclement weather. According to True Vineyard Ministries, the project is already having an impact. “For the first time in the widows’ lives, they are able to consistently provide food, clothing, shelter, and education for their families.”
  • May 2008: True Vineyard Ministries is currently sending a Villager Sun Oven to Rwanda for use in its baking program there.[1]

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