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The Unidad Ecológica Salvadoreña (UNES) is an NGO that fights for the protection and preservation of the environment in El Salvador and at the regional level. It has a partnership with Solar Household Energy to promote solar cooking in El Salvador.


  • January 2015: UNES reports that monitoring has shown that th cardboard CooKit solar panel cookers they had been distributing at a subsidized price were hardly being used. They believe this is due to difficulties in changing cultural practices. They believe that parabolic solar cookers would be more suitable, but these are not affordable by average Salvadorians. For the time being, they include mention of solar cooking in their educational outreach and they continue to experiment with one parabolic solar cooker that they have purchased.

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Unidad Ecológica Salvadoreña
Calle Colima #22 Colonia Miramonte
San Salvador
El Salvador

Tel: (503) 2260-1447; 22601465 y 2260-1480
Fax: (503) 2260-1675 y 2257-3185


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