Katjo Mencanto[edit | edit source]

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Kial mi estas ĉi tie?[edit | edit source]

Mi fascinas pri la ideo de daŭrebla tekniko kaj agrikulturo, aparte pri suna kuiriloj.  La suno kreas tian multon da povo, kaj la ideo ke personoj povas jungi tian povon por krei ion bontan estas simple mirinda.  Eĉ pli bone, la ebleco por uzi la sunon liberigas tempon kaj rimedon, uzante de simpla tekniko kiu povas esti redonita je malgranda kosto.  Longtempa subtenanto de Bovino Internacia (Heifer International), mi malrapide provos trovi ireojn por divastigi informon pri suna kuiro kaj daŭrebla agrikulturo, kaj trovi irejojn por subteni sunan kuiron kiel mildigo de sufero.  Mia tuja celo estas por subteni la uzado de Esperanto rilate al sola kuiro en (kaj pri) la Wikia kaj por disvastigi informon pri ĉi tiu paĝaro en la grandan Esperantan Komunumon.

Why am I here?[edit | edit source]

I am fascinated by the idea of sustainable technology and agriculture, especially by solar cookers.  The sun produces so much power, and the idea that people can harness it to make something tasty is just wonderful.  Even better, being able to make use of the sun frees up time and resources, using a simple technology that can be handed down at little cost.  A long supporter of Heifer International, I am slowly trying to find ways to get the word out about solar cooking and sustainable farming, and to find ways to promote solar cooking as relief from suffering.  My immediate goal is to support the use of Esperanto in dealing with solar cooking in (and about) the Wikia and to spread word about this site through the greater Esperanto community.

Why Esperanto?[edit | edit source]

The non-English language I have used for this page is called "Esperanto".  It was created in the late 1800s by Ludovik Lazar Zamenhof.

The purpose of Esperanto is to function as a "hip-pocket" language: it is specifically designed to be extremely easy to use, and yet is flexible enough that speakers can completely express themselves.

I like Esperanto because, essentially, I am lazy.  I love languages; however, it takes a great deal of effort to learn most "natural" languages, and is best done while immersed in the culture (because to be truly fluent in a language, you have to know more than just grammar and vocabulary -- you have to know idiom, and you get that from the culture).  While this is certainly possible for a few languages, people whose function is to go out into the world and speak with many people from many different countries and cultures speaking many different languages generally do not have the time to devote at least a year for each individual language.

People are always telling me that English is the international language; however, I counter this with "no, bad English is the international language".  Or, more specifically, English-by-the-Script: as long as you are communicating with people about certain set situations (involving commerce or travel, most typically), you're okay.  But if you want to actually talk with people -- about their lives, their histories, their families, their hopes and dreams -- you usually just end up with at least two very frustrated and sad people.

With Esperanto, everyone meets everyone else halfway: everyone learns Esperanto.  And because it's so easy, you get up to speed much, much faster than you would with a natural language. You can start actually freely talking to people within mere weeks of concerted study (and even faster if you're in an immersive learning environment, such as the North American Summer Course).  And that's the best thing, I believe, for building real networks and relationships between real people.  I want to help people with sustainable, life-improving projects like solar cooking, but I want to get to know them in the process, too.  

You can learn more about Esperanto at www.lernu.net -- and the interface is available in scads of national languages.  So enjoy!

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