Solar Cooking

Texas Solar Cookers got its real start when I woke up one morning in February of 2003 with the words "Solar Cooking" running through my head. I couldn't recall ever having seen or heard of such a thing, so Googled the term. That was when a whole new world opened up for me! I learned SO much from the first site I visited - "Solar Cookers International". Learning how to solar cook was a solo voyage for me because no one in the entire state of Texas was willing to admit to being a solar cook. After many beginner's mistakes (my poor husband!), I began to get the hang of solar cooking and began producing some very tasty meals. Not long after that my husband and I decided to "get the word out" about solar cooking and created the group. We travel around the state demo'ing and teaching solar cooking at all types of events, from grade school events to environmental fairs such as the Renewable Energy RoundUp held in Fredericksburg, Texas every September. &nbsp