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The State of Uttarakhand, India since its existence is trying to harness non-conventional and renewable energy sources in order to achieve sustainability in the energy sector. The Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA) was established in July, 2001 exclusively to promote renewable energy sources, for which the state has tremendous potential.

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  • January 2017: Solar Cooking Challenge at the Uttarakhand Renewable Development Agency - Uttarakhand Renewable Development Agency (UREDA), Dehradun, India organized a solar cooking challenge for their staff, on 10 January 2017. Solar Cookers International staff member Hemangi Rawat was invited to participate as a judge. The competition was held in UREDA’s own solar energy park to demonstrate the diverse functionality and benefits of solar cooking, using the zero emission clean energy technology of parabolic dish cookers. Five divisional UREDA teams, with approximately 20 employees enthusiastically participated in this competition. Participating teams solar cooked nutritious Indian dishes like Rajma (Kidney beans), rice, vegetable rice biryani, rice kheer (Indian rice pudding), and even roasted papads (lentil wafers). Teams also demonstrated the usage of traditional sauce pans and pressure cookers to solar cook the food. This dish type solar cooker can cook food for 12-15 people at a time and saves electricity equivalent to 600 watts. UREDA director Jyoti Khairwal, and senior management officials also arranged for judges and prizes to make this friendly competition a truly meaningful experience for the staff. Dr. A.J. Singh, deputy chief project officer said “UREDA continues to look for innovative ways to raise community awareness on the benefits of solar cooking."*

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