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This article is about an entity that either no longer exists or that may no longer be active in solar cooking promotion. It is retained here for archival purposes.

Vida Verde is a group exclusively dedicated to sharing green practices, where one of the purposes is to inform, raise awareness and provide all participants with the knowledge and wisdom to live a life more simple, natural and sustainable, which is in harmony with nature and people.

The growing social and economic instability in the world, whose impact severely aggravate the environment, lead to more and more individuals and families beginning to look for alternative ways of life that are not destructive and that, above all, are more balanced, sustainable and fair on environmental and social levels.

Given the irreversible climate change and consequent adaptation needs, it is urgent to create new paradigms of life to minimize the most negative impact on the natural and social environment. To make this possible it is necessary to reduce consumption, reuse recyclable resources by avoiding all waste, reforest and adopt methods of ecological agriculture, maximize the use of renewable energy, and implement local self-regulated and independent among many other more sustainable approaches

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Dirk van der Auwera e Christine Krol
Quinta do Tapado 3405 – 077 Fiais da Beira

Mobile - Dirk (00 351) 966 728 293
Mobile - Christine (00 351) 962 816 854
Landline (00 351) 238 648 048 - The landline is in the office which is not always staffed.


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