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Vincent Nnanna

Solar Engineer Vincent Nnanna is the pioneer solar cooker advocate in Benin Republic. He has conducted a series of workshops teaching youth and educational institutions how to make their own solar cookers. He has conducted workshops with selected science students of the Nigerian International Schools, Cotonou in conjunction with students of Laurel International Schools with facilities provided by the Chinese Cultural Centre, Cotonou. He has worked with Canadian Youths (sans frontiers) to do a successful workshop at Bohicon near Cotonou with Ed Carswel. He has also held some solar-talk shop with members of the English Language club at the American Cultural Centre, Cotonou. His most recent outing was a workshop at Vogan, some 60 kilometers from Lome, the Togolese capital. The workshop was hosted by Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement in collaboration with the Ministries of Health, Energy and Environment of the republic of Togo. Vincent has built over 350 solar boxes, CooKits and parabolic ovens for distribution to the public.

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Vincent Nnanna school training 8-11


  • August 2011: Vincent holds another solar cooker training session with students of IFEMBA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, Ohafia in Abia State Nigeria. Pictures show the happy members of SAGE Club displaying the cookit they produced with local materials. Another picture shows some of the students enjoying some tea and coffee with biscuits prepared with their own cook-kits.
  • April 2011: Solar Cooker Ambassador Vincent NNANNA based in the Republic of Benin moved to Abia State Nigeria and collaborated with the Zonal Education Board Abia North to conduct solar Cooker workshops in secondary schools within the area. This week, the tour will continue to schools in Isuikwuato and Bende Local Government Areas. Pictures and videos will soon follow. The response has been tremendous as students share with great enthusiasm. The Sunshine Song is spreading like wildfire. Vincent NNANNA has been conducting solar cooker workshops around the West coast of Africa since 1998.
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Solar workshop in Togo

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Vogan Workshop in Togo

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