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Dr. William Bradley

Dr. William Bradley is Professor Emeritus at Western New England University and works with Earthbound Tech. He has designed, built and analyzed solar cookers and solar cooked since 1990. He also has taught several solar cooking classes and cooker building workshops. He also has developed a way of testing and optimizing cookers using optics.


Credit: Earthbound Technology

  • August 2018: Solar potluck - William Bradley hosted a solar potluck at his home in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The local news channel was invited, and they produced a short video of the gathering. Local family cooks food using nothing but the sun
  • June 2017: Reciprocal optical testing - Earthboundtech conducted their reciprocal optical testing on the Hypar Solar Cooker and Parvati Solar Cooker in April 2017, and used comparative data from a CooKit analysis done in 2014. The Hyper solar cooker reflector utilizes a combination of a conical outer ring with a parabolic inner dish. This allows for more diffuse solar energy directed at the cookpot, while still having some concentration that a parabolic reflector can provide. More information on reciprocal optical testing procedures and results can be found on their website at

Reciprocal light testing, (Earthbound Technology photo)

The Hypar Solar Cooker being winter tested in Massachusetts, USA.

  • February 2013: The Hypar Solar Cooker is currently being tested. It is our newest cooker. It is primarily a multi-sided parabolic solar cooker with the outermost section replaced with a conic section. Testing midwinter in Massachusetts shows that it can produce more than enough heat for cooking.

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  • July 2014:

Bradley Reciprocal Optical Test for Measuring Solar Cooker Performance

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