Solar Cooking
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Winam Jua CBO is a community based organization located a short distance from Kisumu, Kenya.

Solar box cookers are assembled by workers at Winam Jua CBO. - Photo credit; Winam Jua CBO

"Winam JUA CBO endeavors to promote clean energy use through public education, training and skills transfer and the production/distribution of clean energy promotion goods such as the parablic cooker, fireless cookers etc.

We also promote and engage in tree planting activities and advocate for environmentally friendly tree varieties, land use systems and favorable government policy in Kenya. The organization draws knowledge from around the world for the production of the highest quality of clean energy machines and goods. An example is the recently produced solar drier at our center in Kisumu, which is capable of using solar energy for recharging of phones.

A second such drier has been produced in Rabuor and many more will be done to expand this knowledge, encourage knowledge transfer and promote use of healthily processed food products." - Taken from the Winam Jua CBO website


  • June 2020: Newly elected officers: - After a year of existence under an interim office, Winam JUA CBO held its first elections on 2nd May 2020, and elected the following office bearers as the substantive leaders of the organization: Chairperson: Florence Gundo and Vice Chair: John Amayo.


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Winam Jua CBO
Box 872-70123 Kisumu
(The organization is presently based at Orongo, 1.5km off Tosha Filling Station along Kisumu/Nairobi road just after Molem and Nyamasaria on your way out of town, next to Orongo Primary School.)