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Wolfgang Scheffler

Egypt’s first Scheffler Community Kitchen at El Sherouk Farm near Alexandria.

Wolfgang Scheffler is the inventor/promoter of Scheffler Community Kitchens--large parabolic dishes for community kitchens, bakeries, etc. Over 2000 large cookers have been built distributed worldwide by 2008. Wolfgang Scheffler was the recipient of a Special Recognition Award at the 2006 Nuclear-Free Future Awards ceremony, held at the Navajo Education Center on December 1, 2006.

In 1982 Wolfgang Scheffler started developing a parabolic fixed focus reflector that was later named after him by his friends in India. From the beginning the technology has been free for everybody to use, replicate and further develop. Scheffler always shared his ideas with anybody interested. He very soon joined with friends, who had similar aims, to form ULOG, a informal group of people in Switzerland and Germany. Later GloboSol (earlier VKSE) in Switzerland (in 1985) and Solare Brücke e.V. in Germany (in 1992) were founded by others to support the work of a slowly growing group of people. Those two associations don’t concentrate on Scheffler Reflectors alone: smaller solar cookers (like the ULOG box cooker and the SK14) as well as solar drying is included in their field of attention. Globosol has mainly been financing courses on such technologies. In the case of Solare Brücke, Scheffler Reflectors have become the main focus. Mr. Scheffler has been on the board of directors since 1998 and was elected president of the association in 2001. Since then Solare Brücke has developed into a center of competence for these particular reflectors and their different applications.

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  • July 2015:

Scheffler mirror demonstrations.wmv

Wolfgang Scheffler explains the workings of two of his automatic tracking parabolic cooking systems, and the design of his solar food dryer.

  • April 2011:


Wolfgang Scheffler erläutert auf der Konferenz "Solarenergie für Afrika 2010" in Düsseldorf die Funktionsweise des von ihm erfundenen solaren "Scheffler-Spiegels".


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  • November 2009: Beyond Zero Emissions interviews Wolfgang Scheffler: Audio and Transcript (Thousands of Scheffler Community Kitchens are now installed at hundreds of locations around the world. Wolfgang Scheffler has made his dish designs and associated intellectual property available for free to create a solar world.)

Hindustani Times 2008

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