Solar Cooking
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I'm looking for investor/collaborator for an entirely new design of solar stove which is different from many existing solar cooking devices. The new envisaged device have all features for ideal cooking.

Disadvantages of parabolic reflector type solar devices[]

  • Cooking person has to stand before the device facing the intense glare of sun. Therefore, there are more chances of eye damage.
  • The cooking vessel has to be put inside the parabolic dish and therefore, contaminates the surface of the reflector by spillage of boiling food. Parabolic reflectors are good for boiling water but not good for continuous frying, roasting grilling etc for the same reason. For example, no parabolic solar cooker manufacturer will ever give demonstration of boiling of milk!
  • Crude mechanism of sun tracking in domestic instruments. Expensive trackers are available, which are bulky and hence can’t be used for domestic purposes.
  • In parabolic solar cookers, a person can’t follow his/her traditional way of cooking. Most of the urban dwellers prefer to cook the food while standing and in rural areas, women prefer to cook the food while sitting before the stove/chullah (Indian brick and mud burner) etc.
  • Person cooking on parabolic cookers can’t, directly and continuously, see inside the vessels to check the progress of cooking.
  • Most of the parabolic cookers require specially designed cooking vessels which is psychological barrier to rural people for adapting to new technologies.
  • No mechanism of temperature control.

Yash Solar Stove advantages[]

The salient features of the device shall be:

  • The cook/chef shall not stand before the dish, hence no danger of glare and eye damage.
  • The innovative design ensures that the device shall always face sun in linear fashion all through simple manual operations whose accuracy shall be ≤ 1°. No tracking device of elaborate design is required.
  • Due to unique innovative design, even an illiterate person shall be able to operate the instrument with precision.
  • The cook/chef shall cook the food in a traditional way, without changing the cooking habits or changing the usual utensils. Moreover, if a person prefers to sit during cooking, he/she will be able to do so.
  • Easy to fabricate and hence cost of the equipment shall be less.
  • Easy to transport and assemble.
  • Temperature 350-400° C or more is attainable with temperature control mechanism.


The proposed device is innovative, non obvious, has industrial applicability and hence patent shall be granted to this innovation. I offer all the patent and marketing rights to licensee/purchaser.

Lead Time of development[]

Lead time to develop a prototype is about 3 months and one year for construction of 100 such prototypes for testing in varied geographies. I’m ready to work with the purchaser to prepare a prototype within this timeline, having all the claimed features.

What we are seeking[]

We are looking for collaboration with reputed companies who can make the design on commercial scale and market Yash Solar Cooker worldwide. The successful collaboration will result in full rights on patent and marketing rights and payment of royalty. Since the stove construction will require fair degree of sophistication, large corporates or manufacturers shall be given priority.


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