Solar Cooking
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Japan Solar Cooking Association visits Tanzania October, 2011.

Yasuko Torii of Japan Solar Cooking Association promotes many types of solar cookers, including new manufactured Japanese parabolics. As of 2009 she had taught about 1000 people to solar cook and about 40 to be solar cooking teachers.

Yasuko went to Kenya in March 2007 with another member of JSCA to participate in TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) Civil Society Forum held at UN office in Nairobi. She visited Solar Cookers International East Africa Office in Nairobi and participated in an event demonstrating various solar cookers we brought from Japan with Faustine Odaba. She traveled to Tanzania in January 2008 with another JSCA member to promote solar cooking in rural villages on the southern plateau.


Eco Life Fair 2012

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  • June 2012: JSCA participated in "Eco Life Fair 2012" held on June 2nd and 3rd at Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo. The fair was sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, and was attended by 66,000 visitors. We exhibited many types of solar cookers and demonstrated solar cooking in the "Solar Zone" created for the first time this year. We cooked rice, made popcorn, and baked cakes and cookies.
  • May 2012: The Japan Solar Cooking Association participated in "Jambo! Kiyosato Tanzania Village" held May 3rd through the 5th, and hosted by the Educational Experiment Project in Kiyosato, Yamanashi Pref. The event introduced nature and culture of Tanzania with movies and craft shops. Since we have been promoting solar cookers in Tanzania for several years, we exhibited solar cookers and demonstrated solar cooking in the village.

Japan Solar Cooking Association visits Tanzania October, 2011.

  • October 2011: Two members of Japan Solar Cooking Association, Yasuko Torii and Toyoko Nishikawa visited 5 villages around Kitulo National Park located in the south western part of Tanzania to promote solar cooking. This was the fourth visit since January 2008. They exhibited parabolic cookers, handmade box and panel type cookers and demonstrated cooking at October Mpeto Festival 2011 held on October 2 in Matamba town. Many visitors watched and enjoyed tasting solar baked cakes and popcorn.

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